Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

Buffer (Free)

Do you want to become a social media whiz? Of course you do (maybe). Buffer works much like Hootsuite. You can schedule Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts based on when they're most effective. Do you want to tweet something when most of your followers will be listening? Buffer determines the best time. Moreover, you can see the stats of your posts and how they performed.

Dashlane (Free)

Dashlane is a must-have app for anyone who shops online. Automatically saves payment and confirmation information that would otherwise be lost in your email. You can keep track of your online spending, and you can easily find your receipts (unless you've added things like tickets to your Passbook app). It is free to use Dashlane, but the premium option is worth it if you spend a lot of time online.

Zillow (Free)

It would have been helpful if someone had prepared me better for finding a place to live. Buying and selling real estate is a cutthroat business, and I've often found myself at the mercy of websites that hide the best properties from you for their own interests (or lack of information). As a result, Zillow is a godsend. The app crawls pretty much every property in your area, from buying to renting. In addition to giving you the contact information you need to get in touch with the property owner or leasing office, the design makes all of this extremely easy.


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